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Paragon Edge excels at providing a range of IT and enterprise management, planning and cyber-security services. We work with U.S. government agencies like U.S. Transportation Command, U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command, Department of Education, and Internal Revenue Service and commercial companies including healthcare and life sciences.

Agile Software Development

Approach software development with a framework grounded in constant collaboration, progression and technical excellence. Interacting with your team along the way allows for a more fluid incorporation of feedback and an end result that all stakeholders are satisfied with.

Cloud, DevOps & Digital Transformation

Expand your organization with a sound cloud strategy that enables security, scalability and insight into better data protection. Initiate a cultural boost with the integration of multi-disciplinary teams and digital technology into your business from top to bottom.

Cyber Security & Information Systems

As technology advances, threats to cyber security increase along with it. We understand that your biggest concern is to protect your data, software, team and clients from harmful cyber attacks.

Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, & SOA

Alleviate the risks associated with the mismanagement of information and data through collaboration with all of your business's key departments. Data management is crucial to the success of any organization.

Enterprise Data Management, AI & ML

Identify your organization’s technology gaps and risks to determine how to achieve your goals most effectively. We work with you to solve your modern day business problems by using breakthrough technology to deliver an efficient, actionable plan.

Infrastructure & Data Virtualization

Optimize your data storage capacity while reducing infrastructure costs. As technology evolves, your database needs to be adaptable, scalable, and undoubtedly secure. We offer a range of performance-improving solutions to ensure your data is available however you need it, whenever you need it.

System Integration & App Development

Whether you are building a new e-commerce site or revamping an existing one, CEdge has the tools to help streamline processes & give your business the space to grow. From concept to code, we cater to all of your organization's needs.

eCommerce, Supply Chain/ERP & CRM

Successful e-commerce strategy requires the integration between several areas within an organization. Implement supply chain enterprise resource planning solutions to manage the flow of material and financial information in your company.

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